Life’s Journey with Him

Wonder why?
He has given me everything to walk..
He simplify my way. .
He even gives me people that push me to go..
but I indolently step my foot. .
and sometimes motionless. .
I often think that I’m not ready to face many things..
It seems I haven’t very strong feet to run or even to walk..
I feel I really need time.. Just to stand idle on my place and gain my strength to start my ways
But He’s The Persistent One Who always helps me..
He helps me by letting ‘the dogs pursue me’. .
He knows I won’t move with any other way
Still, I’m the one who decide which waY to go..
And this fragile heart brings me further from Him..
Then He lets me feel myself that this path is wrong..
Though I’d fallen in this path so many times, I’m not the one who is easy to go back.
He really loves me.. Much more than a mother’s love..
He keeps love me, though I love something/someone else more than love Him..
He keeps seeing me when I forgot Him..
He keeps listening my wishes, on the contrary I often contravene His orders..
Finally, on this tiring trip.. I walk slower and want to go back..
I realize that to love Him is everything.. I search so many shortcuts to get closer with Him..
I don’t care even so many people hate me ‘coz i’m not following them anymore,
In the other way I prefer to follow His path..
In fact… I find the real happiness passing His way..
I find the truly love, that is love others because of Him.
Allah . .
The Creator..
The One and Only..
In the future, I want to be the one of human who could see His Face on heaven..
But it’s still a long.. long way to walk..
So many mislead branch upcoming..
But as long as I believe..
I love..
and I’m afraid of His anger to me..
He definitely gives my ways I could define that it’s my right path to walk onto..